{this probably should have been my first post}

From a young age, we're told to journal. "Write about your day for one week with your own drawings and hand it in at the end of the week for credit!" We had those nostalgic black and white marbled composition notebooks to record our seemingly interesting days for those golden stars at the end of the month, all of which would be counted up for a final prize at the end of the year for the students with the highest amount of stars.

From those days until now, my journaling abilities have fallen short, resulting in birth of this website/blog. This site is a way for me to document my daily happenings and my life post-graduation. More than anything, writing is one of the most therapeutic resources that we have that lets us escape from our cluttered lives. Next, of course, is music.

Publicly displaying and letting others read my writing has never been my particular favorite; I don't even like reading my own writing. Having this outlet allows me to overcome that and venture out of my comfort zone. One liners on Twitter or short captions on Instagram can only go so far. I get to share the less-than-interesting happenings from my life, from the great food I've been lucky to indulge in to my growing list of travels. I remember my Xanga days (oh maaaaaan), where I'd write for hours (or rather, paragraphs) about anything that I could think of. My account no longer exists thanks to their 2.0 upgrade, but I was able to save my archive before the account wipe-outs happened. And fortunately, that fiery teen's flames have been tamed... somewhat.

Obviously, it's still a work in progress as I continue to build on this outlet, but a million thank you's to the people who have been supportive and encouraging of my personal project! (: