{please bring hopdoddy burger bar to nyc}

Ready, set, food coma. This mini-trip to Austin was definitely the fattest trip that I've taken to date. I should have included "food coma" into my itinerary because I didn't account for amount of times we had to stop, relax, and let the itis take over. Just some highlights from our trip below. I may or may not expand on some of the eats in later posts.

Hope Outdoor Gallery was one of our first stops. I wanted to make sure we stopped here on our first day in ATX because the forecast indicated it would be raining the remainder of the days we were there. I was hoping for some more larger scale art among all the little ones, which were mostly spraypainted penises pointed at mouths, but the artist that stood out the most was @ERthink (pictures also below). I also made the mistake of wearing out my brand new WHITE Air Max Theas, but fortunately left the gallery with no scuffs.

Let me tell you right now, I'm not a fan of doughnuts. As a matter of fact, I don't like pastries or bread-y treats as a whole, so I was a little apprehensive about our stop at Gourdough's doughnut trailer on 1st Street. With that being said, this â€” more specifically, the Flying Pig, which was loaded with four strips of crispy bacon and a sugary sweet maple syrup icing â€” was the first doughnut that I've ever finished in its entirety. Kevin got the Blue Balls (ha, ha), which were doughballs with blueberry filling and blueberry icing. This is a must-go if you're ever in ATX and are craving something sweet.

Texas means BBQ, so naturally, we had to load up on our brisket and ribs. With the recommendations from two friends, we feasted at Salt Lick BBQ and Franklin BBQ (on two separate days). We enjoyed the ribs at Salt Lick significantly more than we did at Franklin, but the brisket was hands-down better at Franklin. Both spots had their strengths and weaknesses, but we both agreed that the coleslaw at both restaurants were delicious. I don't know if I would wait two hours to eat Franklin BBQ again, although the "snack" they provided on line was a really warm touch.

Texas also means shooting ranges, and I can confidently say this was the highlight of our trip. After doing some research, Lone Star Gun Range became our gun range of choice. The 30 minute drive out was worth it for us to shoot five guns (we shared the tommy gun) each at a relatively cheap price. I lowkey wanted to shoot the tommy gun because of this song by Brand New, but to nobody's surprise, I was too weak to even hold it up long enough to shoot one bullet. We opted out of shooting the tommy gun and moved on to rifles.

Hopdoddy. Oh, Hopdoddy. Was the wait worth it? Most definitely, and I'd do it all over again for those amazing burgers and truffle fries. Ever have a meal that's so good you don't even know what to say about it? This is it. So when's the NYC location opening?

See below for the rest of my pictures in the slideshow.