{post-grad musings}

It’s only been five months since I’ve left college, but it seems like a lifetime already. Technically, I received my degree and graduated back in December, but the true confirmation of the end my college era was when I walked across the stage of Radio City Music Hall and sat in the best seats I’ll ever sit in at Yankee Stadium. It all feels like a reality now. A huge congratulations to every single graduate this year. We made it! 

My college experience was undeniably unique, and I’m grateful to have attended such a prestigious university in the heart of New York City. Fending for myself in NYC was an invaluable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The diverse culture, people, and, of course, delectable food were right outside of our door. Additionally, we had a massive amount of jobs and internships that were accessible with {some kind of} effort. To not take advantage of the opportunities here, well, that’s your loss.

Three and a half years was not enough time for me to fully explore and take in as much of the city’s culture. I took this time for granted and decided my time would be better spent wrapped up like a burrito in my bed, watching endless hours of Netflix {sigh}. Of course, after getting booted out of the city is when I realized how I’d foolishly wasted my time. There are still so many things that I haven’t gotten to do, all of which I have listed {another blog post for this to come!}. Not visiting 5 Pointz before it was whited out is one of my biggest regrets.

More than anything, the relationships that I’ve developed during my time at NYU will stay near and dear to my heart. Every individual has had some kind of an impact on me, interactions that have helped me develop and grow to be the person that I am today. Growing up as classmates and as friends in the great city has prepared us tremendously for what’s to come in the next period of our lives. I’m nervous, but excited to see where we’re all going to end up in the near future, and I have a full heart of hope for every single person.

As my high school friends would say, we're gonna make it, brah.