{spice girls x icekream}

Zig-a-zig ahhhh.

I'm SERIOUSLY digging icekream's take on one of the Spice Girls' classic pop songs, Wannabe and the trap/twerk twist in the pick up at 1:36  It's always refreshing to hear different remixes of classic songs that we've listened to growing up and always continue coming back to.

Click here to check out more of icekream's tracks, & click here for my SoundCloud account for more music!

{mausi x kanye west}

I initially discovered Mausi while I was browsing through The Magician's SoundCloud account with his remix of the band's hit song, My Friend Has A Swimming PoolI was lucky enough to stumble upon this beautiful cover of Kanye West's Bound 2 from the album, Yeezus {original song hyperlinked}. The synths in the beginning draw you in as the deep house-y beat progresses with the addition of some solid female vocals. As one of my favorite songs in the album, the song has been done justice and more.

Read more about Mausi here, and be sure to check out their SoundCloud.