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Pistachio ice cream & assortment of macarons.

Pistachio ice cream & assortment of macarons.

I was always relatively hesitant to trek to SoHo to try Ladurée because of the endless hype around its macarons. Are they actually that good or are people just ogling over them because they're Ladurée?

I had the opportunity to make a quick trip after work one night with one of my friends, Claire. Fortunately, there wasn't a long wait, so we were seated immediately, although service was rather slow. My friend gushed over how delicious the macarons and the Rose Petal ice cream were while I remained dubious. I mean, really. How delicious can a macaron be? With all the macaron shops in NYC, anyone can find a decent macaron without looking too far. How were these any different?

Well, they were definitely different. Of all the macaron parlors I've visited and tried, Ladurée's macarons were by far the softest and most delicious ones that I've tried. Each bite essentially melted in my mouth as soon as I took a bite. On the other hand, the pistachio ice cream was, at best, just good. After trying Claire's Rose Petal flavor, I was instantly a fan.

This definitely won't be my last time having desserts at Ladurée SoHo, and hopefully, I'll be able to sit down and have a cup of tea, or two, with some lovely and interesting conversations. It's definitely on my checklist for the coming summer months.