{chalky butts and bbq}

{Playing around with different ways of uploading photos!}

Last Saturday was quite an adventure! After seeing my friend's Instagram photo of her rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders, I decided it was time to trek into Brooklyn to finally try my hand at rock climbing.

Tl;dr, I figured a double date would be fun for this experience, so Christina, Weng, Kevin and I met up for a fun morning filled with freak-outs from the top of the wall (me, all me, with videos too) and imprinting hand marks on each other with chalk. Weng and Kevin climbed the walls like little monkeys while Christina and I sat down and watched them sweat. About two hours later and after our arms gave out, we ventured out to Fletcher's BBQ for brunch. There we encountered an extremely friendly staff and stuffed ourselves with delicious food. We peeked into the Morbid Anatomy Museum (chock full of taxidermy and more), and finally headed to our final stop: ICE CREAM. Van Leeuwen's was a delicious treat, and as an added bonus, they carry Doughnut Plant doughnuts on the weekends! It was definitely a tiring but enjoyable morning spent with three of my favorite people.

I'm happy that I was able to challenge myself with both bouldering and climbing the auto-belayed walls. While I can pack a mean punch at times, my upper body strength is seriously lacking. I managed to reach the top of one bouldering wall and one auto-belayed wall, a huge accomplishment for my out-of-shape body. With that being said, little girls were crawling those auto-beylayed walls like it was their job, nimbly and easily reaching the top. I ended up failing the second auto-belayed wall, but I'll definitely be back to conquer it sometime in the near future. Put me in coach. I'll be ready... eventually.

Brooklyn Boulders also has locations in Chicago and Somerville as well, so if you're nearby, it's definitely a spot worth checking out if you want to challenge yourself!

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