{china through the looking glass}

A beautiful day is not to be wasted indoors unless it's at one of the many museums in the city. We readily took advantage of the day, first grabbing bagels with lox to-go from Barney Greengrass, which were delicious but on the pricey side. Afterwards, we decided to meander around the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I love the little architectural details that are sprinkled throughout the halls and in every room.

Of course, this was immediately following the Met Gala for the opening of China Through the Looking Glass, so we were greeted by flocks of people, all walking shoulder to shoulder to get from room to room. Nonetheless, we were able to enjoy the exhibit despite all of the bodily contact.

{Sidenote: Please excuse these grainy photos — I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera.}

To my dismay, the rooftop was just a few days shy of reopening to the public, but I will most definitely be back when the weather warms up, next time also equipped with my camera, to enjoy  the rooftop installations and a nice, cold drink.

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